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Wireless Smoke Detector

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Safety in the home is an important issue and this is especially the case where fire is concerned. Fire is one of the most common accidents in the home and providing yourself and your family with some protection against the dangers of this is a common sense thing to do. One of the best options for this these days is a wireless smoke detector and there are a number of advantages to be gained from installing these in your property.

There are a few benefits that are gained by using a wireless smoke detector over the more traditional wired models. Ease of installation is probably the greatest of these. With no wiring required it is simple to install a wireless model yourself without the assistance of an electrician. Without the need to run wires through the walls there is also less work required and it is simple to select a convenient location in a room and set the smoke detector in place.

A wireless smoke detector uses batteries for its power, therefore an important point to note is to check them every so often to ensure they are working properly and have power. However this is not a major problem in that most give an audible alert when the power is running low such that you are aware that you need to replace the batteries. Most also have a single button that can be used to test the detector and make sure it is working properly and this should be done on a regular basis.

There are a few varieties of wireless smoke detector available. Individual alarms are available, although if you live in a larger property it can be a better idea to have an interconnected system. In these the detectors are linked together by wireless technology such that when one detector sounds an alarm it signals the rest to join in and this sets off all the alarms in a home. While in smaller homes hearing an alarm may not be a problem, in larger properties an interconnected system can help to ensure that everyone on the property is alerted to the potential danger of a fire.

A business may want to include a wireless smoke detector system that comes equipped with a camera. This will clue them in as to how a fire started in the event that something occurred. There are even some with hidden cameras built in that can be used to determine arson attempts.

There are a number of manufacturers that produce wireless style smoke detectors. One of these is Kidde and they produce a range of detectors for use in residential properties. They have a wireless smoke detector available that costs around $50 to purchase. The detectors are operated by batteries and can be connected together for added safety. They use radio frequency to wirelessly connect and include features such as a smart touch button to silence alarms that are accidently tripped. These can be purchased at a few online retailers and also in-store at retailers such as Home Depot and Menards.

Other manufacturers that produce wireless operated smoke alarms include First Alert, General Electric and Honeywell. The cost for purchasing smoke alarms which use wireless technology typically fall in a price range of around $50 to $100.

Protecting your family from the dangers of fire is an important consideration and while fire prevention is obviously important, the backup of having smoke alarms in place will make your home a safer place in case an accident does happen. Using a wireless smoke detector has a few advantages, such as ease of installation and this makes them a good choice to consider when you are looking for a smoke detection system for your home.