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Water Leak Detector

Gas leak detector safety information and other useful tips.

Using a water leak detector is essential in every home, so that you can be notified the moment that a major leak occurs.  The problem with any appliance, or even pipe connected to your plumbing, is that the technology is never infallible.  No matter the safety precautions in place, or the high quality of the item in question, accidents will happen.  But only by having a water leak detector can you be clued into these situations so that you can take the appropriate actions to prevent permanent damage in your home.

The importance of any water leak detector, is simply in their ability to notify you of when a leak becomes a problem.  Water leaks can cause the same devastating damage as any flood, regardless of how big or small the leak may be.  They can cause irreparable floor damage in just minutes, and what’s more, they can stimulate mold growth within the house, which can make your home unsafe to live in.  Therefore having the right water leak detector is an essential item for any home, so that you can stay on top of all of your plumbing, at any time.

The way that any water leak detector, is in essentially the same way that a smoke detector would work for sniffing out fires.  You simply place a sensor on the floor, next to say a water heater, or other such device for example, and then a high pitched piercing alarm sounds loudly.  This is handy so that you can always be aware of the moment that a leak occurs in your home.  This way you can work to shut down the source of the leak, as well as clean up the mess to prevent any long term damage.  A water leak detector allows you to act quickly to save your home in any situation, so that you can ensure that you’re always protected.

But there are also much more advanced water leak detector models, that are even capable of placing phone calls, should an emergency situation arise.  These can be useful, as they are tied into your phone line, so that when the alarm goes off, a predetermined message will be delivered to every phone number that you program.  This way, if you’re on vacation and a massive hot water heater leak occurs, you can notify neighbors, and keep yourself on top of the situation so that you can take the necessary actions to correct the damage from anywhere in the world.  This way you don’t come back to a home that’s been ruined, while you were away.

There are a variety of places you can go to purchase a water leak detector of any kind, no matter which model you’re looking to acquire.  The best places will almost always be retailers like Home Depot or Lowe’s which has any type of hardware you need to keep your home safe. There you can find a basic water leak detector, or a more complicated version capable of placing phone calls.