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Slab Leak

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If you have suffered a slab leak in your house, you will attest to the fact that it is not a funny experience. Imagine your home being torn up, just in trying to locate a leak somewhere beneath the surface of your house. The annoying thing is you might just succeed in fixing that particular leak only for another one to spring again. This will necessitate another round of uprooting your furniture and the entire house.

You might be wondering what exactly causes a slab leak and how it happens to be one of the leaks amongst many that causes your life to be turned upside down, even if for a short while. Actually, slab leaks are popular in the Southwestern parts of the United States.

Causes of the Slab Leak

The houses there used to be built having a foundation made of concrete slab, which then had copper pipes running beneath the slab. These copper pipes were made of soft copper as the hard types were not allowed. The ends of these copper pipes were laid along the floor before the concrete was poured.

When the pipes are laid, the concrete is poured over the pipes and in this process and that of building the rest of the house, there is a lot of hammering and slamming. This in turn affects the pipes which are dented in some places.

These dents already make the pipes subject to the action of hard water as well as the expansion caused by hot water travelling through them. It is only a matter of time before a small hole appears in the pipe and continued action leads to a bigger hole and then after some time, it becomes obvious that there is a slab leak that has to be fixed.

Tips for Dealing With a Slab Leak

The trend is to patch the slab leak once it is detected and then recover it with concrete. The problem is that after a short while, another plumbing slab leak pops up and there arises another need to tear up the floor once again to fish out the concrete slab foundation to find the leak.

This is very unfortunate, as it will not only cause a great deal of inconvenience, but will also destroy what was once a beautiful kitchen or bathroom. The worst thing about this situation is that most of the handymen who claim to repair slab leaks do not have the requisite experience to fix it once and for all. They just tear away at the concrete foundation and replace the soft copper pipe with another soft one. This, of course, makes it a mere temporary measure and with time, another slab leak bound to spring up again.

The best measure is to trace the source of the leaking slab and make a replacement. This is pretty time consuming and even may enter your pocket a bit but then, on the long run, you are better off. This replacement is by replacing the soft pipes under the slab by bypassing them and laying the high grade and hard copper pipes in the walls and upper parts of the house such as the attic.