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Sewer Repair

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Home sewer repair is something that can be a headache, but a necessity for just about every home owner at some point or another.  For that reason you have to be prepared for such things, by outfitting yourself with the right tools and knowledge that you need to fix these types of pipes.  No matter how good the pipes are throughout your home, eventually they are going to give way. Whether it’s because of incorrect use, or other problems, you can have an issue before too long no matter what.  It’s how you deal with your sewer repair job, so that you can move on with a pipe just as strong as they were before.

Basically any type of sewer repair begins with finding the problem, so that you know what there is that you need to fix.  That means you have to go through and actually find out what’s wrong with your sewer pipes, and find the areas that are causing leakage, or that are cracked and need to be taken out.  By identifying these, you know just where to work from, and you can come back to all the troubled areas later.  If you really only have one little problem in a massive segment of pipe, there’s really no reason to have to replace the entire thing either, so long as you know how to replace a segment.

For this, you need a saw capable of slicing right through the material in question in one quick swoop.  That means you want to buy something like a metal saw blade, so that you can get through just about anything.  What’s more you have to ensure that you make a perfectly straight cut, at 90degrees from the pipe.  You also want to ensure that you prepare the surface for a new segment of pipe, so that you literally cut off the broken or bad portion of the pipe, and then totally sand down and smooth out both edges of the piping so that they are totally flat.

From there you simply need to measure the empty space in between, so that you can buy a new piece of piping to exactly that size, so that you have the perfect piece to replace.  Of course replacing any type of pipe through sewer repair is not always as easy as it sounds, as you have to install a new type of rubber lining to keep the seal clear.  What’s more you also have to buy a pair of metal hose clamps to actually seal off the new segment of piping, and get it firmly attached to the inside of the pipe itself.  The job doesn’t sound so complicated, but any sewer repair like this is enough to make you want to call in a plumber.

When you’re ready to turn to the professionals, you want to use a site like to find the plumbers in your area.  That way you can have your sewer repair job assessed by a trained professional, so that they can decide where you need to go from there, so that you don’t have to do anything on your own.