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Photoelectric Smoke Detector

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One of the most common accidents that can occur in a home is a fire. While fire prevention is an important consideration to try and stop accidents happening, having an alarm system in place is something that should also be considered for added safety. There are a few different options for smoke alarms available on the market with one of these being a photoelectric smoke detector.

A photoelectric smoke detector uses optical methods to detect the danger from fire. The way it does this can vary. In one type an alarm will be given when smoke blocks a light beam. However in the most common type, light is scattered by smoke and this is detected by a photocell which will signal the alarm to be given. There are a few advantages to installing smoke alarms which use photoelectric methods of fire detection. They are less sensitive that other types of detectors and are less likely to give an alarm as a result of everyday activities such as cooking. Many people have been known to disconnect smoke detectors which are too sensitive as a result of the annoyance of them continually giving alarms. This can be dangerous if you forget to switch them back on and this is less likely to be a problem with a photoelectric smoke alarm.

When purchasing a photoelectric smoke detector you have the option of wired or wireless models. Both types have their advantages and this choice will come down to personal preference. Wireless smoke detectors are easier to install although as they are battery operated you have to be careful to change the batteries every so often to ensure that they have power to work properly. As wired smoke detectors are hard wired into the mains electric they are less likely to have power problems. However it can be more disruptive to install these as wires need to be run through the walls and ceilings to hook them up and this is best done by a qualified electrician.

When considering the use of a photoelectric smoke detector there are a few manufacturers that produce them. Some of those to consider include Honeywell, Bosch, First Alert and Kidde. They produce a range of wired and wireless models for purchase. Typical costs for these can range from around $20 to $50 and greater.

The Kidde PE120 hardwire with battery back up photoelectric sensor smoke detector for example costs around $20 to purchase. As it is both connected into the mains electricity and has battery backup this is a safe device which is unlikely to have power issues. It uses an advanced photoelectric sensor which is particularly effective at detecting smoldering fires and can be used as a stand-alone detector or interconnected with others in your home to provide an effective fire detection system.

Protecting your home and family with smoke detectors is an important thing to do. The vital seconds they provide can let you safely exit your home if an accident does happen and make it more likely that you will detect a fire before it becomes a major problem. Although there are a few types to choose from a photoelectric smoke detector can be a good selection and is something to consider when you are looking to have smoke alarms installed in your home.