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Indoor Fireplaces

Gas leak detector safety information and other useful tips.

Choosing the right type of indoor fireplaces can be important so that you can get the real look and feel of a fire throughout your home, without the need for having an actual chimney installed.   Otherwise, installing a real full fireplace is a huge hassle, and a really costly one that is going to have you  feeling stressed over the amount of work in no time at all.  But with the right type of indoor fireplaces you can ensure that installation is a breeze, and yours is going to be ready to go in just a few days, instead of having to wait through weeks and even months of work.

When you’re after the best possible indoor fireplaces, you’re probably going to be looking to gas, as it’s the easiest method for installing a fireplace throughout your home. With these, you can actually ensure that you’re able to capture the look of a fire, through an authentic gas lit flame.  Instead of having to deal with logs and trying to keep the fire alive every few minutes, you can just flip some switches and that fire is going to stay lit for as long as you want.  What’s more you can even find those that are remote controlled as well, so that you can light the fire from across the room.

Of course, with the right type of indoor fireplaces what you’re also going to find is that you can still capture the look of an authentic fireplace.  There are those that feature special types of glass coverings, so that they take on the appearance of a real fireplace and the type of screen that you would put up.  You can even buy accents like sets of fireplace tools that feature ash shovels and the like, so that you can give off the real appearance of having a fireplace.  You can even install mock mantles so that you complete the look quite nicely and so that you can fool just about anyone.

But you will have to decide between ventless and ventilated indoor fireplaces, so that you can choose the most safe for where you live.  What you’re going to find is that there is a major difference between the two, and that is in the way that they actually work.  A ventless fireplace is totally sealed off from the rest of the room to protect the area from any gas leakage or harmful fumes.  But a vented space is actually connected to the outside via a small chimney style vent, so that you can actually expel excess gasses, which can be a much safer way for them to actually operate.

But no matter what type you choose, you always want to have your indoor fireplaces handled by professionals.  That means buying through a top service, and you can find the best providers in your area through a site like  That way you can compare all the companies that operate where you live, so that you’re able to find the best possible one.